Blue Lacuna — 31 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Exits

A room has some text called the exits text. The exits text of a room is usually " ".

Requesting the exits text is an action applying to nothing. Understand "exits" as requesting the exits text. Report requesting the exits text: say "[exits]." [ We can't make this out of world since it is called by room descriptions, and if an OOW action is called the rest of the action routine no longer runs correctly. --Actually, I'm not sure this is true. Isn't the "to say exits" all that's called?]

Definition: a direction is viable if the room it from the location is a room.

Check going nowhere: say "[goingnowhere]" instead. To say goingnowhere: say "You can't see an exit in that direction. [exits].[actfast]".

To say exits:

if the exits text of the location is not " " begin; say "[the exits text of the location]";


let count of exits be the number of viable directions;

if the count of exits is 0, say "You can't see anywhere to go from here";

if the count of exits is 1, say "From here, the only way out is to [list of viable directions]";

if the count of exits > 1, say "From here, the viable exits are to [list of viable directions]";

end if.