Blue Lacuna — 297 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Denial Conversations

[ For each of the various activities Progue might be performing during this phase (where he thinks the player is just a hallucination), there are seperate, mostly light conversations where Progue talks airily about what's he's doing. During this stage of Progue's psyche, he carries a thread containing light, trivial answers to any questions the player has about the island. The player can learn Progue's name during this time.

Another conversation during this phrase is Denial Interrupted, if the player accosts Progue on his way somewhere. Progue will be vaguely impatient.


Denial Dislike Convo is a serendipitous rerunnable guaranteed triggered denialy episode. The subchange beat is silence. The boredom beat is silence. The bye beat is silence. The abruptbye beat is silence. The icebreaker is dc_unfriendlyconversation.

Last condition rule for Denial Dislike Convo:

if affinity of Progue < -1, rule succeeds.

dc_unfriendlyconversation is a repeatable beat in DenialC with reaction "'Stay back now,' [the Progue] says warningly. You remember the rule about my proximity to [dc_player] people.'".