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Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Book - Progue in Denial (in Lacuna-Progue-Denial by Blue Lacuna)

[Progue has forgotten much, due to both his own pain and the somenium. He refers to his daughters lightly as "those two little girls" who used to live here, but doesn't remember what happened to them. Mentions of "wayfaring" etc produce only laughter--- "what rot!" He says he's lived here a long time, doesn't remember how long, doesn't want to. He cheerfully agrees that he built the door, treehouse, etc., but doesn't know anything about how they work (except for perhaps some cryptic clues.) He doesn't remember the trees at all, although he will never go to that part of the island. He is always on the lookout for "The Creeper," some force which he says lurks on the east island and pounces on you when you least expect it, causing terrible pain. (really a representation of his fear of remembering his pain.)]

Table of Ignorance Episodes (continued)

Word Day
Discovering the Open Door

Table of Denial Episodes

Delayed Greeting
Sleepless Rayfish Encounter
Denial Dislike Convo
Denial Animus Convo
Denial General Convo
Denial Interrupted
Just Teasing
Rainfall Rhapsody
Backseat Dooring
Discovering the Open Door
Play Catch
Ring of Truth
Hey That's Mine
Art Critic

[Older And Wiser]

An episode can be denialy. An episode is usually not denialy.

First condition for a denialy episode:

if Word Day is not successful and Delayed Greeting is not successful, rule fails. [We want to make sure that we've gotten the greeting scene somehow before we allow anything else to start happening.]

DenialC is a thread. The current_thread of Progue is DenialC. The escape clause of DenialC is pd_bye.