Blue Lacuna — 288 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - Conversation

[ As we move around the island, we make note of certain things we may want to talk to Progue about. This can happen automatically or manually.]

After going when location is regionally in Lacuna (this is the noting referencable things rule):

truncate the list of convo stuff to the last 12 entries;

repeat with candidate running through things enclosed by location:

repeat with subcandidate running through beats referenced by candidate:

if subcandidate is unspoken or subcandidate is repeatable or something replaces subcandidate, manually reference subcandidate;

continue the action.

To manually reference (subj - a thing):

if subj is not a beat, now subj is a random thing referenced by subj;

if subj is in current_thread of Progue:

if subj is not listed in list of convo stuff, add subj at entry 1 in list of convo stuff;

if conversation is being debugged, say "// Conversation: noting that [subj] is referenced by something nearby-- list now [list of convo stuff].".