Blue Lacuna — 267 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Part - Description

Section - Printed Name

spotted-progue is a truth state that varies.

To say printed_name_progue:

if spotted-Progue is false begin;

now spotted-Progue is true;

say "distant [o]figure[x] dressed in rags";

otherwise if Progue is idle and already-highlighted-progue < 2 and ( Progue is enclosed by location or distant-progue is enclosed by location ) ; [It's not that we want to highlight it twice, but printing routines are actually run twice each time they are called, the first to print the name to an internal memory buffer.]

say "[if met_progue is false][o]figure[x][otherwise if improper-named]strange [o]man[x][otherwise][o]Progue[x]";

increase already-highlighted-progue by 1;


say "[if met_progue is false]figure[otherwise if improper-named]strange man[otherwise]Progue";

[ otherwise;

say "He";]

end if.

already-highlighted-progue is a number that varies. already-highlighted-progue is 0. Before reading a command (this is the reset Progue highlighting variable rule): now already-highlighted-progue is 0.