Blue Lacuna — 248 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Atop

The prose name of Atop is "atop the huge windsigh on the saddle". The printed name of Atop is "Atop the Highest Tree". The description of Atop is "[atopdesc].". To say atopdesc: say "Wind whips through your hair as you balance near the top of the tree, surrounded by branches splitting all around you until they become tiny twigs. The view of the island around you is tremendous, and above, the [if evening or sunset]yellows and pinks of the evening sky are vivid and stunning[otherwise if twilight]fading purples of the tropical sky make your fingers twitch for a brush[otherwise if dawn or sunrise]sky is scoured clean with the pastel colors of morning[otherwise]sun shines whitely down from a deep, blue sky[end if]. [exits][if night].[paragraph break]Above you, the [o]stars[x] shine bright and strong, twinkling only a little in the still night air[end if]". The exits text of Atop is "The narrow ridge [down] beneath your feet seems almost like another world".

Atop-stuff is stuff in Atop. Understand "twig/twigs/view/island" as Atop-stuff when location is Atop.

Instead of sleeping in Atop, say "Up here, you feel a bit too precarious for sleep, but perhaps down by the base of the tree you'd be able to drift off.[sleepsuggest]".

Report going down from Atop: say "Half reluctant and half grateful to reach ground again, you lower yourself down the trunk of the tree until you again stand on the knife-thin ridge.".

Check going to Atop: move tree3 to Atop. Check going to Saddle: move tree3 to Saddle.

The ambience table of Atop is Table of Atop ambience.

Table of Atop ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
common------Table of Windsigh ambience
uncommon------Table of Lacuna Insect ambience
uncommon------Table of Seagull Air ambience