Blue Lacuna — 244 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Top of Ravine

The prose name of Top of Ravine is "the top of the great ravine by the pool". The description of Top of Ravine is "[topravdesc].". To say topravdesc: say "The ravine pinches off here at a boulder-strewn [o]slope[x]; craning your head back, you can make out [windsigh phrase of tree3] high above at its summit. A [o]bowl[x] at the base of the slope, probably scooped out from the churning action of the high tide surf breaking and rebounding against this point, is filled with seawater and lined with small green [o]mussels[x]. [paragraph break][exits]". The exits text of Top of Ravine is "The rope [dr]ladder[x] halfway [if dir]down the ravine to the [east][otherwise]down the ravine[end if] stands out as the only obvious means of escape from this sheer canyon[if Water Cave is visited], other than the [d]tunnel[x] underneath the water[else]; but you also notice a strange [o]shadow[x] under the water of the bowl[end if]". Understand "ladder" as down when location is Top of Ravine.

The boulder-strewn slope is a setpiece in Top of Ravine. Understand "base" as boulder-strewn slope. The description is "The slope is mostly loose scree dotted with the occasional boulder, steepening as it approaches [windsigh phrase of tree3] on its top." Instead of climbing the boulder-strewn slope, try going up. Instead of going up in Top of Ravine, say "The slope at the top end is too loose and crumbly to climb, while the cliffs on either side of you are too steep and undercut to make climbing them an option."

The ravine cave mouth is a setpiece in Top of Ravine. Understand "shadow/shadows" or "tunnel" as ravine cave mouth. The description is "[if Water Cave is visited]Under the surface you can see the [d]tunnel[x] to the underwater cave[otherwise]Peering closer through the foamy surface, you see what looks like an underwater [d]tunnel[x], wide enough to walk down with only a little hunching were it above the water level[end if].". Instead of entering ravine cave mouth, try going west. Understand "tunnel" as west when location is Top of Ravine.

The oversized tidepool is an undescribed setpiece in Top of Ravine. Understand "bowl" or "tide" or "pool" or "water/seawater" as tidepool. The description is "The lip on the seaward side is craggy lava rock, but the floor some two body lengths down is smooth and sandy. Pillowy clumps of foam still clinging to the sides of the pool are a reminder of the brutal pounding this place must receive at high tide.[paragraph break]Underneath the windswept surface of the water, you can make out [if Water Cave is visited]the[otherwise]what looks like a flooded[end if] [dr]tunnel[x][if dir] heading [west][end if].". Instead of touching oversized tidepool, say "The languid seawater has been heated by the sun.". Instead of vague swimming in Top of Ravine, try going west. Instead of swimming in oversized tidepool: try going west. Instead of entering oversized tidepool: try going west. The dream-text of oversized tidepool is "tanks filled with seawater".

Instead of going to Water Cave when night, say "In the darkness, you'd be certain to drown down there. Better wait until morning.".

Understand "tunnel" or "enter tunnel" or "go tunnel" as west when location is Top of Ravine.

Report going from Top of Ravine to Water Cave:

now breath count is 4; say "After preparing yourself, you dive into the water, surprisingly chilly, and surface near the center, treading water-- the sandy bottom is below the reach of your feet.[paragraph break]Taking a deep breath, you dive beneath the surface, force your eyes open against the briny water, and swim into the darkness of the rocky tunnel mouth. The tunnel slopes steeply downwards for a short distance before leveling out again.".