Blue Lacuna — 242 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Ravine Floor

Understand "top" as west when location is Ravine Floor. The prose name of Ravine Floor is "the floor of the great ravine". The description of Ravine Floor is "[ravfloordesc].". To say ravfloordesc:

say "Surrounded by sheer cliffs on both sides, [if sunrise or morning]the wet surfaces of the ravine sparkle and glow in the brilliant morning light shining straight down its length and reflecting off the ocean[otherwise if night]the ravine is lit by only a narrow causeway of stars high above[otherwise if dawn]the ravine is chilly in the predawn glow, though the brightening glow over the ocean visible at its mouth is breathtaking[otherwise if twilight]the ravine already feels dark even though the failing light above is still strong[otherwise]the floor of the ravine is shadowed and chilly[end if]. [if falling downtide or rising uptide]Waves smash angrily against the barricade of boulders down at the mouth of the inlet, before charging raucously up its length over a channel of smooth stones that roll and grind together with a tremendous racket[otherwise]Distant waves beat against the cluster of boulders at the mouth of the inlet, but only rarely surge over to disturb the peace of standing pools of water here and there[end if][dot]";

say "Near an outgrowth of blue [o]crystal[x] in the wall is a yellow [o]pipe[x][dot]";

if time-for-shark-scene is true begin; now time-for-shark-scene is false; move beached shark to location; move tidepool-mud to location; say "Flopping helplessly in the remnants of a long-drained tidepool is a blue-grey [o]shark[x], almost as big as you[dot]"; end if;

say "[exits]".

The exits text of Ravine Floor is "The rope ladder climbs back [up] towards the forested plateau; the surf is too threatening to venture farther[if dir] east[end if] down the ravine, but[if dir] [west][end if] towards the [dr]top[x] looks passable".

RavineFloor-stuff is stuff in Ravine Floor. Understand "cliff/cliffs/surface/surfaces/causeway/barricade/boulders/channel/stone/stones/cluster/pools/plateau" as RavineFloor-stuff when location is Ravine Floor.

Every turn when location is regionally in Narrow Ravine and tidein (this is the escaping the rising tide rule):

say "A breaker surges past your feet, momentarily throwing you off balance. The tide is rapidly coming in. Hurriedly, you [if location is Top of Ravine]follow the ravine back down to the rope ladder[otherwise]clasp the rungs of the rope ladder[end if] and haul yourself back up to safety.";

move the player to Edge of Ravine.

Report going from Ravine Floor to Top of Ravine: say "[if rising downtide or falling downtide]Picking your way carefully over the foam-slick stones[otherwise]Walking around drying clumps of seaweed and brine-encrusted stones[end if], you travel up the ravine as it narrows towards its end.". Report going from Ravine Floor to Edge of Ravine: say "You climb the ladder easily up the few dozen rungs till you stand again on the forested plateau.".