Blue Lacuna — 240 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Echo Chamber

[This area is not accessible in story mode, since it's part of the puzzle to open the pyramid that is simplified in that mode.]

Report going from Echo Chamber to Overhang: say "You leave the dim interior of the cave and scramble back up the narrow path.".

The prose name of Echo Chamber is "the echo cave". The description of Echo Chamber is "[echochamdesc].". To say echochamdesc: say "[if sunup]L[otherwise]Faint starl[end if]ight streams from [if dir][outside][otherwise]the [d]mouth[x] of the cave[end if] into this large, rounded chamber, its low ceiling dripping with seawater. Echoes and whispered reverberations fill the space, and you feel the thunder of the surf beneath you; waves must be surging through smaller caves and channels beneath this one. The strange noises seems to be shaped and amplified by dozens of strange [o]formations[x] along and inside the walls, shaped in ways too regular to be "; say "natural[if puzzle mode].[paragraph break]A large [o]message[x] written in soot covers part of the wall near the exit, next to a drawing of a pyramid[end if]". The exits text of Echo Chamber is "A smattering of green [o]mussels[x] clings to the rock near the mouth of the cave, the only exit, sloping [up]". Understand "mouth" as up when location is Echo Chamber.

The soot-pyramid-drawing is a minor setpiece in Echo Chamber with printed name "drawing of a pyramid". Understand "drawing/pyramid" as soot-pyramid-drawing. The description is "The crude drawing shows a three-dimensional pyramid with light streaming from its edges.".

The echo message is a hint-based scrawl in Echo Chamber with standard message "Word Morphosis Chamber: Experiment in Sculpted Echoes." and secret message " Try konokuk, capalla, or windsigh."

Instead of listening when location is Echo Chamber: say "Weird echoes and reverberations bounce around the interior of the chamber, shaped and amplified by the strange formations.". Instead of whistling when location is Echo Chamber: let atd be indexed text; let atd be the player's command; say "You [atd in lower case] as loud as you can. Immediately you clap your hands to your ears; the sound reverberates crashingly around the tiny chamber, seemingly to be amplified and distorted by the fluted formations and resonance chambers around you, and it's as if hundreds of other people just outside your ears are all making the same noise.[paragraph break]Finally the echoes fade away, leaving only the hollow whispers of the surf moving through hidden tunnels below your feet.". To say echochmmsg: say "Your words echo and bounce strangely around the inside of the chamber, twisted and distorted by the strange fluted formations into a thousand whispers that almost sound at times like other words. Only slowly do the echoes die away". Understand "echo" as a mistake ("[echochmmsg].") when location is Echo Chamber.

EchoChamber-stuff is stuff in Echo Chamber. Understand "canyon/plateau/cave/chamber/ceiling/seawater/caves/channels" as EchoChamber-stuff when location is Echo Chamber.

Instead of sleeping in Echo Chamber: say "It's too wet and drippy in here to sleep. [sleepsuggest]".

The strange formations are a setpiece in Echo Chamber. Understand "formation" or "dozens" as strange formations. The description is "Smooth and curved, with fluted edges and rounded tunnels, these look almost like wind-carved features but are too carefully shaped and molded to be natural. Most are carved directly into the natural cavern wall; some are tunnel openings of various sizes. There are even a few large holes in the floor which seem to open into carefully shaped resonance chambers below your feet, where the crashing surf gurgles and drains.". Instead of touching formations, say "They are mostly smooth, arcing through strange contortions and swirls, usually with openings on one or both ends indicating they are hollow, like some huge strange musical instrument.".

The shapes are a described setpiece in Echo Chamber. "Drawn in chalk at various positions across the floor are six [o]shapes[x], large enough to stand in." The description is "The shapes, each about the diameter of your outstretched arm, are roughly drawn of a white, flaky substance, and spread out across the floor in no obvious pattern or reasoning. There is a [o]triangle[x], a [o]square[x], a [o]circle[x], a [o]rectangle[x], a [o]pentagon[x], and a [o]hexagon[x].".

An echo-shape is a kind of supporter. Understand "shape" as an echo-shape. An echo-shape is always undescribed and enterable. The triangle shape is an echo-shape in Echo Chamber. The square shape is an echo-shape in Echo Chamber. The circle shape is an echo-shape in Echo Chamber. The rectangle shape is an echo-shape in Echo Chamber. The pentagon shape is an echo-shape in Echo Chamber. The hexagon shape is an echo-shape in Echo Chamber. The description of an echo-shape is usually "Drawn roughly on the ground with some sort of chalky substance.". Instead of taking an echo-shape, say "It's just a drawing on the ground."

Understand "step on/in/into [an enterable thing]" or "stand on/in [an enterable thing]" as entering. First report entering an echo-shape: say "[one of]As you move to [the noun] the shufflings of your feet make weird, suggestive echoes that dance around the cavernous chamber[or]Echoes dance around the chamber as you move[stopping]. You step inside [the noun]." instead.

An echo-keyword is a kind of thing. An echo-keyword is always undescribed. Understand "say [an echo-keyword]" or "shout [an echo-keyword]" as examining when location is Echo Chamber. An echo-keyword is either pending or uncovered. An echo-keyword is usually pending.

Understand "shout [text]" as echo-speaking when location is Echo Chamber. Echo-speaking is an action applying to one topic. Carry out echo-speaking: say "You call it out loud and clear. Instantly, the weird shapes and formations suck your utterance up, twist it around, and send it back to you weirdly changed and deformed to reverberate around the cavern until finally dying down.".

The knock-keyword is an echo-keyword in Echo Chamber. Understand "konokuk" as knock-keyword. The description of knock-keyword is "You call out the word. [if player is on the square shape][echo-text]'knock,' [echo-text2][otherwise][echo-text-bad][end if].".

The thrice-keyword is an echo-keyword in Echo Chamber. Understand "windsigh" as thrice-keyword. The description of thrice-keyword is "You call out the word. [if player is on the circle shape][echo-text]'thrice,' [echo-text2][otherwise][echo-text-bad][end if].".

The clap-keyword is an echo-keyword in Echo Chamber. Understand "capalla" as clap-keyword. The description of clap-keyword is "You call out the word. [if player is on the pentagon shape][echo-text]'clap,' [echo-text2][otherwise][echo-text-bad][end if].".

To say echo-text: say "The weird shapes and formations suck your utterance up, twisting the sounds around before bouncing back what sounds to you like a single clear word: ". To say echo-text2: say "which echoes and bounces around the chamber before finally fading into indistinguishable murmurs". To say echo-text-bad: say "It bounces and echoes off the walls, and at times you think you can make out hints of something almost comprehensible, but too soon the echoes fade away into murmurs".

The ambience table of Echo Chamber is Table of Echo Chamber ambience.

Table of Echo Chamber ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
common----"[one of]A drop of water falls from the ceiling into a pool, creating a bizarre, reverberating echo that bounces around inside the strange formations, dying only slowly and reluctantly[or]The shuffling of your feet produces strange stuttering echoes that bounce around the cave weirdly[or]The surf thunders through the openings under your feet, creating a great rush of noise that bounces and echoes strangely through the cave[in random order]."