Blue Lacuna — 220 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Viewpoint

The prose name of Viewpoint is "the viewpoint of the mountain from the rain forest". The description of Viewpoint is "[viewpointdesc].[paragraph break]A vein of sea-blue [o]crystal[x] breaks the surface here.". To say viewpointdesc: say "This small ledge of cleared grassy space is surrounded by forest, except for the sides that drop off into the sea. Below you is the mouth of [if Viewpoint is unvisited and Edge of Ravine is unvisited]a[otherwise]the[end if] ravine[if dir] running west[end if], while infinite blue ocean stretches to the horizon[if dir] eastwards[end if][if sunup], where a faint [o]smudge[x] is just visible against the blue[end if]. [exits]. "; say "[paragraph break]From this ledge you are far enough around the mountain to see where the path on the distant summit leads. Tucked in a sheltered cirque on the mountain's backside is a tiny [o]pyramid[x] surrounded by a great curved ring. You can't make out many details from this far off". The exits text of Viewpoint is "The rain [dr]forest[x] looms [if dir]to the [south][otherwise]behind you[end if]". Understand "forest" as south when location is Viewpoint.

The distant cliffs are a backdrop in Viewpoint. Understand "smudge" as distant cliffs. The description is "Squinting into the haze, the smudge slowly resolves itself into a far-off outcrop of cliffs, the extremity of some distant landmass just poking over the horizon.".

Viewpoint-stuff is stuff in Viewpoint. Understand "ledge/sides" as Viewpoint-stuff when location is Viewpoint.

The ambience table of Viewpoint is Table of Viewpoint ambience.

Table of Viewpoint ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
common------Table of Ravine ambience