Blue Lacuna — 216 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Grassy End

Report going from Hive Room to Grassy End: say "Slipping into the narrow crack in the lava, you pass back into a secluded circular amphitheater surrounded by sheer black rock walls.". Report going from Grassy End to Hive Room: say "You slip back through the crack[if a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds][time-of-day-bit][end if].".

The description of Grassy End is "[graenddesc].". To say graenddesc:

if longform begin; say "Tufts of grass and a profusion of flowers carpet the floor of this circular amphitheater, perhaps the remnants of a lava tube with a long-collapsed ceiling[dot]";

otherwise if evening or morning; say "The ground is in shadow, and the narrow strip of sunlight striking the lava above seeps straight into the black rock, leaving everything painted in a weird half-light, and a strange sensation of isolation[dot]";

otherwise if afternoon or midmorning; say "Sunlight angles down tentatively, lighting up one lava wall which paints the bowl in weak refracted light[dot]";

otherwise if midday; say "The ground is lit up by the sun, shining straight down into the sheltered bowl[dot]";

otherwise if sunrise or sunset or dawn or twilight; say "Everything is dim and indistinct, only a faint light creeping down the black lava walls to reach the ground at your feet[dot]";

otherwise; say "A circle of stars above you only barely illuminate the ground, and the black walls are formless and indistinct[dot]";

end if;

say "[if night]The dark grass at your feet whispers with[else]Crude chalk [o]markings[x], so faint as to be nearly invisible, cover one wall near[end if] a bed of [o]wildflowers[x].[paragraph break][exits]".

The exits text of Grassy End is "The only way out is [dr]back[x][if dir] [southeast][end if] towards the hive". The prose name of Grassy End is "the grassy dead end".

GrassyEnd-stuff is stuff in Grassy End. Understand "amphitheater/remnants/lava/tube/ceiling/strip/bowl/circle" as GrassyEnd-stuff when location is Grassy End.

The bee hint drawing is a setpiece in Grassy End. The printed name is "crude chalk markings". Understand "marking/markings/marks/crude/chalk/faded/circle/arrow" as bee hint drawing. The description is "Largest are two symbols: a three-quarter circle with an arrow indicating a clockwise direction, and another arrow, angling upwards. Next to these is drawn a compass rose[if puzzle mode]. Underneath are scrawled some [o]words[x][end if].".

The bee words are a hint-based scrawl in Grassy End with standard message "the dancer showed me where to go. made The Discovery by following them into the forest." and secret message " clockwise is west, angled up is north". Understand "text/scrawl/scrawls/writing" as bee words.