Blue Lacuna — 212 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Part - The East Island Region

The ambience table of East Island is Table of Nearby Rain Forest ambience.

The forest-view is a backdrop. It is in East Island and Rain Forest.

To say a sentence about the rain forest:

if Rockslide is unvisited, say "The view ahead is dominated by a plateau covered in dense rain [o]forest[x], [a phrase about the rain forest]";

otherwise say "[one of]The rain [o]forest[x] dominates the view, [a phrase about the rain forest][or]The rain [o]forest[x], [a phrase about the rain forest], stretches across this side of the island[at random]".

To say a phrase about the rain forest:

say "[if raining]green-wet giants disappearing into fog[otherwise if rained]dripping and steaming like some great living creature[otherwise if twilight]slowly vanishing into the arms of the encroaching darkness[otherwise if dawn]silent and still under the half-lit sky[otherwise][patrf2][end if]".

To say patrf2: say "[one of]its interior only a haze of shadows and bird cries from here[or]guarded by great old trees strewn with vines and ferns[in random order]".

Report going from East Island to Rain Forest: say "[one of]You step into the dim rain forest, brushing aside vines and spider webs[or]You step into the dark, moist greenness of the rain forest interior[at random]."