Blue Lacuna — 207 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Part - The West Forest Region

West Forest is a region. Fork, Big Tree, and Treehouse are in West Forest. The ambience table of West Forest is Table of West Forest ambience.

Table of West Forest ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
frequent----"The distant sounds of surf break faintly through the muffling vegetation."
frequentmorningevening"Birds twitter and small creatures scatter through the underbrush."
frequentmorningevening"Seagulls circle lazily above your head, their cries echoing faintly through the forest."--distant gulls
commontwilightnight--Table of Firefly ambience

A stand of bamboo is a backdrop. It is in Fork, Sloping Meadow, Volcano Slopes, and South Beach. The description of a stand of bamboo is "Tall and cylindrical, about as thick as your arm, the bamboo seems to grow in clusters and sways gently in the breeze. The tallest of the bamboo reaches three times your height." Instead of taking the stand of bamboo, say "The bamboo seems to be firmly rooted into the ground." Instead of touching the stand of bamboo, say "The bamboo plant is hard, like solid wood." Instead of pushing or pulling or attacking the stand of bamboo, say "You could probably push some of these over without too much difficulty, but it would take time, effort, and skill to do anything further." Instead of tasting the stand of bamboo, say "You've lived on worlds where they eat bamboo, but this variety seems to be too hard for that." Instead of climbing the stand of bamboo, say "You wrap your hands around a bamboo plant and try to pull yourself up, but it immediately begins to bend under your weight and you give up."

Some leafy fronds are a backdrop. Fronds are in Fork, Big Tree, Volcano Slopes, and Sloping Meadow. The description of fronds is "All manner of leafy green plants grow out of the mossy earth."

The old path is a seen backdrop. The old path is in Fork, South Beach, Big Tree, and Sloping Meadow. The description of the old path is "The forest has mostly reclaimed it, but you can see where a path was once cut through the trees here: moss-covered stumps and repositioned boulders mark a gently curving line through the vegetation. The path connects the [dr]beach[x] with the [dr]forest[x].".

Table of Windsigh ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
guaranteed----"[one of]An eerie, multi-tonal hum suddenly swells in time with the wind. Startled, you peer around warily for its source, before finally realizing it comes from wind gusting through the strange holes in [windsigh phrase of a random windsigh tree in location][or][windsighnoise][stopping]."

To say windsighnoise: if location is Egg Room, say "A [one of]high-pitched whine[or]whistle[in random order] whispers through the young windsigh, [one of]an octave higher than the others[or]its tiny holes pushing the tone nearly into the ultrasonic[in random order]"; otherwise say "[one of]Wind gusts through the holes in[or]A whisper of wind funnels through the holes in[or]A sudden blast of wind whips through the holes in[or]Gentle waves of wind channel through the holes in[in random order] [if location is Atop or location is Treehouse]the tree[otherwise][windsigh phrase of a random windsigh tree in location][end if], [one of]the strange multi-tonal song echoing around [the prose name of location][or]overlapping frequencies humming in strange, alien harmonies[or]a soothing, multi-tonal hum[in random order]".