Blue Lacuna — 205 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Cinder Cone

The prose name of Cinder Cone is "the volcano floor near the cinder cone". The printed name of Cinder Cone is "Inside the Caldera, At the Cinder Cone". The description of Cinder Cone is "[cinderconedesc].". To say cinderconedesc: say "Like a miniature of the volcano proper, the shallow slopes of this brownish-grey cinder [o]cone[x] rise to a summit two or three times your height. Adorning the top of the cone is [windsigh phrase of tree4], branches stretched more vertical than the others as if reaching its way out of the shadowy caldera. [paragraph break]A sandy [o]ledge[x] lies just below the summit of the cinder cone, near a scraggly lone berry [o]bush[x]"; say "[if Tsunami Sequence has ended].[paragraph break]Faint trickles of steam rise from the top of the cinder cone[one of]. You try to remember if they were there before today[or][stopping][end if].[paragraph break][exits]". The exits text of Cinder Cone is "Between the cone and the crater wall is a collapsed [o]sinkhole[x] that [if Volcano Cave is unvisited]seems to lead[otherwise]leads[end if] [d]down[x] into a small cave. [ccex2]". To say ccex2: say "Elsewhere in the caldera is a [dr]cluster[x] of steam vents[if dir] [west][end if] and the chasm [dr]entrance[x][if dir] [northwest][end if]". Understand "entrance" as northwest when location is Cinder Cone.

CinderCone-stuff is stuff in Cinder Cone. Understand "slope/slopes" as CinderCone-stuff when location is Cinder Cone.

The cone proper is an enterable undescribed supporter in Cinder Cone. Understand "miniature/summit" as cone proper. The description is "This small cone marks the brief time, perhaps only weeks, when the volcanic energies of the island were concentrated beneath this one particular point." Understand "cinder" as cone proper. The printed name of cone proper is "cinder cone". Instead of going up in Cinder Cone, try entering cone proper. Instead of climbing cone proper, try entering cone proper. Instead of going down in Cinder Cone when player is on cone proper, try getting off cone proper. After entering the cone proper: say "You walk up the short distance to the tiny summit, providing a panoramic overview of the hellish caldera floor." After getting off the cone proper: say "You walk back down to the caldera floor." The dream-text of cone proper is "miniature science-fair volcanos".

Report going from Cinder Cone to Volcano Floor: say "You follow the curve of the caldera around back to the chasm entrance." Report going from Cinder Cone to Steam Vents: say "You follow the curve of the inner caldera wall into the area of thick steam vents." Report going from Cinder Cone to Volcano Cave: say "You climb down into the collapsed area and approach the cave entrance, which seems to be a half-crumbled lava tube. [if raining]Grateful for some shelter from the downpour[otherwise]Blinking[end if], you step inside into darkness."

The sinkhole is a setpiece in Cinder Cone. Instead of entering or climbing or leaping the sinkhole, try going down. The description is "The sinkhole is almost a mirror of the cinder cone, but concave instead of convex. You can see what looks like a cave entrance [down] at the bottom.".

The crater proper is a backdrop. It is in Volcano Floor, Cinder Cone, Chasm Floor, Rim of Volcano, and Steam Vents. Understand "volcano/wall/walls" as the crater proper. Understand "caldera/rim" as crater proper when location is Rim of Volcano. The description is "[if location is Volcano Floor or location is Cinder Cone or location is Steam Vents]The caldera walls encircle you, except for the shattered gap leading into the chasm[otherwise if location is Chasm Floor]Through the collapsed wall where the chasm meets the crater walls lies the interior, the floor of the caldera[otherwise]The view across the crater rim and down to the smooth black floor of the caldera is fantastic. Wisps of steam rise from points across the floor, mostly concentrated at a point beneath you, while across from here is a small cinder cone[end if].". Instead of leaping the crater proper, say "That would kill you.".

tree4 is a windsigh tree in Cinder Cone.

The tree4-nook is a nook in Cinder Cone. The printed name is "ledge". Understand "ledge" as tree4-nook. The description is "The flat ledge is just large enough for you to lie down on." Instead of touching tree4-nook, say "The sand is soft and dry.". First report entering tree4-nook: say "You stretch out on the sandy ledge, wriggling around to get comfortable, and look up. The walls of the caldera form a distant rim around the edges of your peripheral vision." instead. First report getting off when player was on tree4-nook: say "Reluctantly, you rise to your feet again." instead. The sleep message of Cinder Cone is "Surprisingly comfortable on the sandy bed, you drift off into sleep."

The ambience table of Cinder Cone is Table of Cinder Cone ambience.

Table of Cinder Cone ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
common------Table of Windsigh ambience
common------Table of Frozen Hell ambience.

Table of Frozen Hell ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
guaranteed----"[one of]Wind scours the black floor of the caldera[or]High above the caldera, some black bird circles endlessly on the hot updrafts rising from its steam vents[or]A breath of wind pulls the steam rising from the vents across the caldera into stretched shapes[in random order]."