Blue Lacuna — 195 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - The Boiler

The brick boiler is a setpiece in Volcano Floor. The description is "Made of wood, it's really just a squat, rectangular box, hot to the touch, directly above the sealed-off steam vent. Three bamboo [o]pipes[x] stick out of one side, snaking their way back down the floor of the [dr]chasm[x][if dir] to the [northwest][end if][bb2].". To say bb2: say "[if puzzle mode], and where each exits the boiler is a small wooden [o]wheel[x]. Each pipe and wheel set is coated with a layer of matching dry, flaking paint: red, blue, and yellow[otherwise]; red, blue, and yellow, they are topped by a wooden [o]handle[x] currently [bh-desc][end if]. Finally, a vertical "; say "[o]tube[x][state of current outflow] is joined to the top of the wood structure via a strange quartz [o][boiler pressure gauge][x].[paragraph break]Painted onto the side of the boiler is a short [o]message[x]". Instead of attacking brick boiler: say "The brick construction is quite sturdy, and you see no way to damage it without tools.". Instead of touching brick boiler: say "The bricks are searing hot to the touch.". The dream-text of brick boiler is "steaming bricks".

The boiler-message is a hint-based scrawl in Volcano Floor with standard message "As long as west chasm stays blocked, should be sufficient power for all." and secret message " could always cause rockslide on western slope to divert more steam". Understand "message" as boiler-message. The printed name is "the message on the boiler".

The system power is a number that varies. The system power is 24. [ Covering the other vent will raise this to 30. ]

The boiler pressure gauge is part of the boiler. Understand "quartz" or "cylinder" or "curious" as the boiler pressure gauge. It is a closed unopenable transparent container. The description is "Only about as tall as your hand, this hollow cylinder seems to have been meticulously carved from a solid piece of quartz, allowing you to see through to the inside. It connects the [o]boiler[x] to an outflow [o]tube[x]. [if current outflow >= 7 and current outflow <= 30]Torrents of steam rush upwards through roiling[otherwise if current outflow >= 1 and current outflow <= 6]Steam bubbles up through boiling[otherwise]All you can see is a tiny pool of standing[end if] water inside the pipe. A series of delicate vertical rings are etched into the quartz, numbered from zero to thirty.

The [if current outflow is greater than 7]water dances around the number[otherwise]water level is at the number[end if] [current outflow in words]." Does the player mean doing something to the boiler pressure gauge: it is unlikely. [keeps "boiler" from referring to this.] The printed name of boiler pressure gauge is "gauge".

The boiler outlet is an outflow tube. The boiler outlet is part of the boiler.