Blue Lacuna — 190 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Rim of Volcano

To say a sentence about the beach: say "The distant surf [if sunup]glimmers in the light of the sun[otherwise]sparkles under the stars[end if]".

To say a phrase about the beach: say "[if midday]and the glimmering curve of the distant beach reflects the sunlight like a mirror[otherwise if sunset or evening]while the sweeping curve of the beach glows pink in the failing sunlight[otherwise if night]and the white sand of the distant beach glows in the [light-source] as if absorbing it[otherwise]and the distant curve of the lagoon's cyan waters beckons temptingly[end if]".

The prose name of Rim of Volcano is "on the rim of the volcano". Understand "rim" as southeast when location is Volcano Slopes. The description of Rim of Volcano is "[rimvolcdesc].". To say rimvolcdesc:

if night or raining begin; say "[if night]Under the [light-source], the tropical landscape stretching before you is like something from a storybook. [A sentence about the mountain], while the crater of the volcano looms below you. [A sentence about the beach][otherwise]Inside a cloud on top of a volcano--it's like being in a dream. Rain falls around the rocky ground here at the lip of the volcano, which curves gently away on both sides and vanishes into the mist. Grey tendrils of cloud reach down to mingle with white puffs of steam coming up from the volcano floor, far below[end if].[paragraph break][exits]";

otherwise; say "[if dawn]Only the faint sounds of lapping surf break the unnatural early morning quiet[otherwise if sunset]The sunset is spectacular from this unobstructed vantage, an orangey-red fire shimmering on the waves and clouds to the west[otherwise if sunup]You shield your eyes from the glare[time-of-day-bit][otherwise]You stand on the very rim of the volcano[time-of-day-bit][end if], and take in the [if Rim of Volcano is unvisited]whole of the island, trying to get your bearings[otherwise]island vista again[end if]. From "; say "up here on the volcano's rim, it's the most striking features that catch your glance. [one of][a sentence about the mountain], [a phrase about the beach][or][A sentence about the beach], [a phrase about the mountain][at random]. The east half of the island is filled with a dense rain [o]forest[x]. Beneath your feet[if dir] to the east[end if], steep slopes curve down to the volcano's "; say "[if sunrise or morning or evening or sunset]shadowed[otherwise if midmorning or midday or afternoon]sunlit[otherwise]indistinct[end if] [o]caldera[x], [one of]where pockets of steam rise amid jumbled rocks and moss[or]where black lava flow stretches from slope to slope[or]where jumbled rocks cause a confusion of lines and angles[in random order]"; say ". There's no getting down that side; [if dir]back [northwest][otherwise][d]back[x] the way you came[end if] is your only option";

if sunup, say ".[paragraph break]Surrounding the island on all sides is deep blue ocean flecked with dancing whitecaps, broken only by a distant column of [o]steam[x][if dir] to the south[end if] rising from the water, bent by the winds into a vertical cloud slowly merging into the sky";

end if;

if volcano sculpture is on-stage, say ".[paragraph break]Rising from the [if raining or rained]muddy [end if]dirt on the very lip of the crater is a magnificent [o]sculpture[x]".

The rv-forest-view is a backdrop. It is in Rim of Volcano. Understand "rain forest" or "forest" as rv-forest-view when location is Rim of Volcano. The printed name is "distant rain forest". The description is "The deep greens of the forest fill their side of the island, from low cliffs running along its eastern boundary to the northern slopes of the volcano. At the forest's northern end, a huge ravine separates it from the mountain.[paragraph break]The forest is a mostly level plateau, except for one [o]depression[x] near its eastern side.".

The rv-forest-depression is a backdrop. It is in Rim of Volcano. Understand "depression/glint" as rv-forest-depression. The printed name is "depression". The description is "The deep, circular depression seems unusual in the otherwise relatively level topography of the forest. A faint metallic glint pokes through the thick vegetation. From this great distance you can't make out any further details, or see what's at the bottom.".

The exits text of Rim of Volcano is "The only exit is back [d]down[x] the outer slope of the volcano".

The distant column of steam is a backdrop in Rim of Volcano. The description is "About halfway to the horizon, the column of steam must foretell some significant geological event taking place under the waves, perhaps the precursor to the dormant volcano's successor.".

The tree4view is a backdrop in Rim of Volcano. Understand "tree" as tree4view. The description is "It's hard to make out much detail from here, but it looks much like the others you've seen."

Report going from Rim of Volcano to Volcano Slopes: say "Taking one last look around, you head back down the volcano[one of], taking giant steps as you let gravity pull you rapidly down to the edge of the forest[or][time-of-day-bit][at random].".

Instead of entering or climbing the crater proper when location is Rim of Volcano, say "The inner slope of the volcano is just too steep for you to navigate. You'd likely cause a landslide if you tried."