Blue Lacuna — 176 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - North Marsh

North Marsh is a room. The description of North Marsh is "[A sentence about the marshlands]. But the marsh ends abruptly here at a sheer [o]cliff[x] face, the edge of the imposing mountain. [paragraph break][exits]." The printed name of North Marsh is "Marsh, Near the Cliff". The prose name of North Marsh is "the marshlands".

The exits text of North Marsh is "The marsh stretches away from the mountain [if dir]to the [south] and [southwest][otherwise]towards the lonely [dr]spire[x] and the distant [dr]stumps[x][end if]". Understand "stumps" as southwest when location is North Marsh. Understand "spire" as south when location is North Marsh.

The weather-worn crack is a backdrop. The crack is in North Marsh, Ledge, Cliffside, and Lawn.

Check examining the weather-worn crack:

if location is North Marsh begin; say "About the width of your outstretched hand, the crack runs nearly vertically up the side of the cliff";

otherwise if location is Ledge; say "[exits text of Ledge]";

otherwise if location is Cliffside;

if the mountain-spring is pristine, say "You can see handholds, but the water coursing down both sides of the crack soaks you and prevents you from getting a solid grip";

otherwise say "Gripping the crack tightly, every handhold and foothold stands out in sharp relief with clarity enhanced by adrenalin";

otherwise; say "[if mountain-spring is pristine and pressure of the related pipe of the pyramid pressure gauge >= 5]The tiny spring vanishes into[otherwise]The damp streambed leads to[end if] a narrow crack that drops straight down the face of the mountain towards the marsh far below";

end if;

say "." instead.

Understand "reach in/into/inside" as touching.

Check entering the crack: say "The crack is too narrow to enter." instead. Check climbing the crack when location is North Marsh: try going up instead. Check climbing the crack when location is Lawn: try going down instead. Check climbing the crack: say "You'll have to specify: [up] or [down]." instead.

First Check going up when location is North Marsh and we have not touched the crack: try touching the crack instead.

First Check going up in North Marsh when player is wounded: say "You're not climbing anything with this leg." instead.

Instead of touching the weather-worn crack: say "You feel the edge of the crack experimentally for handholds. It wouldn't be easy, but you might be able to climb the crack up, at least a little ways."; rule succeeds. [Currently broken due to a bug in "Default Messages."][still true?]

Understand the command "crack" as something new.

Report going from North Marsh to Ledge for the second time: say "Flexing your hands, you step anxiously up to the crack, set your first handholds, and begin to climb. The ascent is not easy, but you make quick progress, and before you know it you have followed the crack all the way up to a small ledge, some distance above the marsh below.". Report going from North Marsh to Ledge for the third time: say "The ascent is a little easier this time, old handholds remembered and a few easier ones found. Before long you have hauled yourself up to the ledge once again." Report going from North Marsh to Ledge for at least the fourth time: say "You find your way up the long crack to the ledge with practiced ease.";