Blue Lacuna — 170 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Chairlift Base

Chairlift Base is a room in North Island. The printed name of Chairlift Base is "Ropeway Base Station". The prose name of Chairlift Base is "the base of the ropeway". The description of Chairlift Base is "[chairliftbasedesc].".

To say chairliftbasedesc:

if longform begin; say "On this hump of dry land between the sea on two sides and the marsh on another, a small shack, open on the side towards the [o]mountain[x], shelters the base of [if Chairlift Base is unvisited]some sort of [o]ropeway[x] system[otherwise]the [o]ropeway[x][end if]. A complex mechanism of ropes and pulleys connects"; say " to twin cables which stretch [if dir]east and [end if]up towards the summit of the mountain[dot]";

otherwise if raining; say "The cables tug and sigh and the [o]ropeway[x] creaks in the storm; you are grateful to slip under the roof of the tiny shack for shelter[dot]";

otherwise if night; say "The sounds of the sea crash against boulders below you on two sides, past the dropoff that the indistinct ropeway structure perches on[dot]";

otherwise if dawn or twilight; say "The shack at the corner of the island is still and quiet in the sunless light; not even the cables trailing up towards the mountain sway[dot]";

otherwise if evening or sunset; say "The ocean off the edge of the dropoff behind the shack glimmers in the evening sunlight as it stretches to the horizon[dot]";

otherwise if night; say "The details of the mechanism are indistinct within the gloom of the overhang";

otherwise; say "[one of][room ambience][or]The weather-beaten overhang provides a modicum of shade that covers the workings of the ropeway[dot][or]Wind gusts sadly through the boards of the ropeway shack, causing the cables overhead to dance and the cogwheels to tug restlessly against their brakes[dot][in random order]"; end if;

say "[if pressure of related pipe of the ropeway pressure gauge > 0][ropewaysteam] from an outlet vent attached to the [o]mechanism[x] below[otherwise]The ropeway [o]mechanism[x] is motionless, no steam flowing from the outlet vent poking through the structure's roof[end if]"; say "[if bucket is enclosed by location][one of]. A large open-topped wooden [o]crate[x], long and narrow, hangs from the cables above, swaying slightly in the breeze[or]. The [o]crate[x] hangs from the cables, swaying gently in the breeze[stopping][end if]";

say ".[paragraph break][exits]".

The exits text of Chairlift Base is "[if we are requesting the exits text]The moss and rocks around you sloping gently down to small cliffs hugging the ocean seem largely uninteresting, and the marsh near here looks particularly deep and muddy. [end if]The only promising route leads back towards the [dr]stumps[x][if dir] to the [southeast][end if]".

ChairliftBase-stuff is stuff in Chairlift Base. Understand "hump/sides/cliff/cliffs" as ChairliftBase-stuff when location is Chairlift Base.

Report going from Chairlift Base to Stumps: say "You walk back along the edge of the marsh toward the stumps[time-of-day-bit].".