Blue Lacuna — 168 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Hot Springs

The prose name of Hot Springs is "the hot springs by the waterfall". The printed name of Hot Springs is "Hidden Pool". The description of Hot Springs is "[hotspringdesc].". To say hotspringdesc:

if longform begin; say "Tucked away in a natural bowl stained with sea-blue hues, hidden from view, this beautiful [o]pool[x] is fed by a clear [o]waterfall[x] cascading down from an overhang above. Steam rises from the almost perfectly circular pool, which looks deep enough for diving but not so deep that the blue-tinted floor is not visible, and leafy green fronds sway gently on all sides, creating a secluded and relaxing ambiance[dot]";

otherwise if raining; say "The pool is like a private sauna in the rain, as drops patter down to joining the [o]waterfall[x] pattering into the bowl[dot]";

otherwise if night; say "[if moonup]A single beam of moonlight pierces the secluded grove, lighting up the steam wisping off the surface of the [o]pool[x], which ripples with dancing silver reflections disturbed by the [o]waterfall[x][otherwise]Only the faintest hint of starlight penetrates the grove, faintly reflected off the [o]pool[x] in jagged ripples stirred by the pounding of the [o]waterfall[x][end if][dot]";

otherwise if dawn or twilight or sunrise; say "The magical stillness of the half-light is broken, but not completely dissipated, by the loud clamor of the [o]waterfall[x] curtaining down into the clear [o]pool[x] below[dot]";

otherwise if morning or midmorning or afternoon or evening; say "[if midmorning or afternoon]Only a few angled slants of[otherwise]Hardly any[end if] sunlight penetrates the secluded glade, making the cool [o]waterfall[x] and the clear steamy water of the hot [o]springs[x] a welcome respite from the day's heat[dot]";

otherwise if midday; say "Sunlight beams down into the glade, turning the [o]waterfall[x] into thousands of tiny sparkling gemstones, and the surface of the round [o]pool[x] beneath to a mirror for the cloudless sky[dot]";

end if;

say "A rich vein of crumbling sea-blue [o]crystal[x] runs through the wall behind the waterfall[if midday], sparkling in the sunlight[otherwise if night and moonup], glowing in the moonlight[otherwise], staining the rock face and water of the pool a brilliant indigo[end if].[paragraph break][exits]".

The exits text of Hot Springs is "[et0hs]". To say et0hs: if night, say "The [dr]gap[x] leading back [if dir][west] [end if]to the open is hardly visible, but you think you remember the way"; else say "A [dr]gap[x] in the trees marks the way [if dir][west] [end if]back to the open". Understand "gap" as west when location is Hot Springs.

HotSprings-stuff is stuff in Hot Springs. Understand "beam/steam/sauna/overhang" as HotSprings-stuff when location is Hot Springs.

The waterfall is a setpiece in Hot Springs. The description is "Stretching about twice your height above the surface of the pool, the waterfall cascades over a natural overhang in the rock[if midday or afternoon], sparkling brightly in the sun overhead[end if]. [if night and moonup]The moonlight brings the complex interplay of water and air to life, an animate sculpture in glass. [end if][if evening or sunset]Beams of failing sunlight penetrating the thick vegetation to the [west] light up the water intermittently, tiny rippling lines of red illuminating its silky surface. [end if]Behind and alongside the waterfall, lumpy nodes of sea-blue [o]crystal[x] poke out of the rocky earth.". Check touching the waterfall: say "The water is surprisingly cool, running over your hand in thick wet ribbons smelling faintly of moss and earth." instead. Instead of tasting or taking the waterfall, say "The water thunders down with enough force that you cannot hold any in your hands.". Understand "look behind waterfall" or "go behind waterfall" as a mistake ("The waterfall is fairly small and almost flush with the cliff behind it."). The dream-text of waterfall is "hundreds of chunks of sea-blue crystal".

The sea-blue crystal is a backdrop. It is in Hot Springs, Viewpoint, and Ravine Floor. Understand "rock/wall/blue" as sea-blue crystal. The description is "Some rich vein of a brilliant sea-blue crystal slices diagonally through the rock here, brought up to the surface from unfathomed depths by some past volcanic action. The crystal seems inclined to break along hexagonal lines, producing the effect of crumbled six-sided pillars[if location is Hot Springs]. The pounding action of the waterfall has softened the edges, and in turn stained the whole wall and tinted the pool below a brilliant indigo[end if][if we have not examined the sea-blue crystal and Rume-tracker >= -10].[paragraph break]It's the precise shade of Rume's eyes[end if][crystalhint].". Understand "mineral" as sea-blue crystal. Instead of touching or taking the sea-blue crystal: move green-stain to location; say "You rub your fingers up against the crystal, turned an almost muddy texture, and study with a twinge of sadness the deep blue hues that stain your fingertips." Check attacking sea-blue crystal: say "You smash a fist against the crystal, and a chunk breaks off easily and tumbles [if location is Hot Springs]into the pool[otherwise if location is Viewpoint]into the ravine[otherwise]into the surf, where it is washed away[end if]." instead. The dream-text of sea-blue crystal is "hundreds of chunks of sea-blue crystal". Check tasting sea-blue crystal: say "You touch your tongue to the crystal tentatively, but discern only a flavorless texture of grit." instead.

A green-stain is a set dressing. Understand "stain/finger/deep/green/hues/hue/fingertips/fingertip" as green-stain. The printed name is "green stain". The description is "The color is a deep, rich emerald green.". Check tasting green-stain: say "Chalky, with a complex tang of mineral aftertaste." instead. Check touching green-stain: say "It rubs off fairly easily." instead. Check taking green-stain: say "It's just a slight smudge on your finger." instead.

To say crystalhint: if ( time for excitement or story mode ) and Back Room is visited and Jumble is unvisited, say ". You notice that the crystal is the same hue as the blue band on the back room door of the cabin on the beach".

Understand "dive" or "bathe" as vague swimming.

The large pool is an undescribed enterable open unopenable container in Hot Springs. Understand "spring/springs" as pool. The description is "Tinted with hues of green, the surface of this round pool constantly shifts and dances as the waterfall plunges from a mossy overhang. The pool looks deep enough for diving under the churning falls, but shallows near the far end to a jumble of good sitting rocks a few feet below the surface. The water is hot and steaming, simultaneously warmed by some scalding source below and cooled by the waterfall." Check touching the large pool: say "The water is hot, but not uncomfortably so." instead. Check tasting the large pool: say "[one of]You cautiously sip a bit of water gathered in your hand. It seems all right[or]Bending to your knees, you scoop a few handfuls of the pool water to your mouth and drink deeply. It is exceedingly refreshing, the taste holding a faint hint of some mineral effervescence. After drinking your fill, you rise to your feet again[stopping]." instead. Check taking the large pool: say "You cup two hands together and scoop up some of the hot water, feeling it immediately cool as it trickles through your fingers down your arms and elbows. You let it trickle away and enjoy the cool sensation as your hands dry." instead. Understand "water" or "natural" or "bowl" or "hidden" or "blue" or "cerulean" or "perfectly" or "circular" or "round" or "depression" or "far" or "end" as the large pool. The dream-text of large pool is "hundreds of chunks of sea-blue crystal".

Check vague swimming when location is Hot Springs: try entering the large pool instead. Check swimming in pool: try entering the large pool instead. [Check going when player is in the large pool: try exiting instead. ][BUG]

First report entering the large pool: pass 15 minutes of time; say "With a little thrill of excitement, you dive into the pool. The water is hot, almost too much so for swimming, but feels invigorating and cleansing nonetheless. When you near the cool of the waterfall, you can feel the temperature difference between it and the pool distinctly, invisible eddies of heat transference swirling about your legs.

After a while you retreat to the rocks near the shallow end and relax for a while in the [if evening or sunset or twilight]fading light[else if morning or midmorning]morning air[else if night]cool night air[else if dawn]growing light[else if weather state is decided to rain or rained or raining]cloudy afternoon light[else]tropical sunlight[end if]." instead.

First report exiting when the player was in the large pool: say "You climb out into the now chilly-seeming air[if sunup], drying off quickly in the warm breeze[otherwise], shivering[end if]." instead.

The ambience table of Hot Springs is the Table of Hot Springs ambience

Table of Hot Springs ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
raredawntwilight--Table of Seagull Air ambiencedistant gulls
rare------Table of Lacuna Insect ambience
rare------Table of Lacuna Weather ambience
raredawntwilight--Table of Snail ambience
uncommon----"Wind stirs the greenery fringing the pool, causing it to shimmer and dance as it reflects in the emerald water."
uncommondawntwilight"A gull circles overhead momentarily, eyeing you warily before moving on."--seagull
uncommonnightdawn"Silver-white [light-source] glimmers on the hexagonal facets of [o]crystal[x] under the waterfall."

Report going from Hot Springs to Rise: say "You push your way back through the greenery to the open area beyond.".