Blue Lacuna — 166 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Part - North Island

North Island is a region.

The ambience table of North Island is Table of North Island ambience.

Table of North Island ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
commondawntwilight--Table of Seagull Air ambiencedistant gulls
rare------Table of Lacuna Insect ambience
rare------Table of Lacuna Weather ambience
rare------Table of Chairlift ambience
rare------Table of Mountain ambience
commondawntwilight--Table of Snail ambience

Table of Snail ambience

common"A [o]snail[x] with a pearly-white shell inches along [if location is Stumps]a tree stump[otherwise]the ground[end if]."--white snail
uncommon"Two [o]snails[x] with pearl-white shells cross the ground near your feet, leaving milky trails behind."--white snail
uncommon"A [o]seagull[x] swoops down and snatches a [o]snail[x] off [if location is Stumps]a nearby stump[otherwise]the ground[end if], crushing its pearl-white shell in its beak.[summongull]"--white snail
uncommon"A half-crushed snail [o]shell[x], pearly-white, catches a momentary gleam of light in the moss underfoot."--white snail
uncommon"A [o]gull[x] flies in to perch on [if location is Stumps]a nearby stump[otherwise if location is Chairlift Base]the roof of the shack[otherwise]a rocky rise[end if], and begins pecking at a few small milky-white [o]snails[x] half-heartedly.[summongull]"--white snail

A white snail is set dressing. Understand "pearly-white" or "pearly" or "white" or "pearl" or "pearl-white" or "shell" or "snails" as a white snail. The description is "[snail description].". Check attacking a white snail: say "You crush the shell beneath your foot, leaving an intense white chalky substance behind." instead. Instead of taking or touching a white snail, say "You pick it up for a moment and study it more closely. [snail description]. Curiosity satisfied, you return it to the ground." To say snail description: say "The shell is a rich, luminous white, faintly iridescent, that seems to almost glow in the [light-source][snailhint]". To say snailhint: if ( time for excitement or story mode ) and Back Room is visited and Jumble is unvisited, say ".[paragraph break]You notice that the snail shell is exactly the shade of the white band painted on the back room door of the cabin on the beach".

To say summongull: move seagull to the location.

Table of Chairlift ambience

common"The cables of the ropeway sway gently in the [if morning]morning [end if][if afternoon]afternoon [end if]breeze[if raining or rained], heavy with rain[end if]."
common"A gust of wind tugs at the ropeway cable."
common"The cables of the distant ropeway sigh as a gust of wind pulls them suddenly taut, then releases them again."