Blue Lacuna — 163 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - The compass

Some smashed wood splinters is a prop in Back Room. Understand "pile" or "pile of" as some splinters. The description is "The wood looks like it might once have been a cabinet, smashed in some long-past fury[if compass is not worn by player]. [one of]Amidst the wreckage, however, rests an ornate [o]compass[x] in a brass base, apparently intact[or]An ornate [o]compass[x] lies amidst the wreckage[stopping][end if].".

Compass directions is a number that varies. Compass directions is 0. The compass is a thing.

After opening the compass: now compass directions is 1; say "You undo the tiny clasp and open the brass lid, revealing the needle under glass.[one of][line break][as the parser]Tutorial: While the compass is open, exits will be described using cardinal directions. You may navigate by typing (for example) GO NORTH, NORTH, or just N.[as normal][or][stopping]".

After closing the compass: now compass directions is 0; say "You shut the compass carefully, letting the small clasp catch again.[one of][line break][as the parser]Tutorial: Exits will now be described using direction keywords and the [d]landmark[x] system, as before.[as normal][or][stopping]".

To decide whether dir: if compass directions is 1, decide yes; decide no. To decide whether not dir: if dir, decide no; decide yes.

The compass is a wearable closed undescribed openable container in Back Room. The carrying capacity is 0. The compass is either unmolested, revealed, or extruded. The compass is unmolested. The description is "[if compass is open]Beautifully made, the compass has a long thin needle under glass, the round enclosure set into a brass base delicately inscribed with directions in eight points sweeping around from north to northwest. A matching chain allows the compass to be worn around the neck[otherwise]The compass is closed, its thin brass cover concealing the needle[end if][if compass is revealed or compass is extruded].[paragraph break]A secret compartment has been swung open on the back to reveal a seven-pointed star[end if][if compass is extruded] sticking about a thumb's width out from the surface[end if].". Check opening a closed compass when the compass is not worn: say "(first taking the compass)[command clarification break]"; try taking the compass. After taking the compass: now the player is wearing the compass; say "You retrieve the compass from the wreckage and slip the delicate brass chain around your neck. It is closed, a brass cover hiding the needle itself."; now compass references dc_compass. Instead of dropping or taking off the compass, say "You wouldn't want to just leave this delicate instrument lying around." Does the player mean doing something other than examining, opening, closing, or squeezing the compass: it is unlikely. Check pushing the compass when location is Observatory Exterior: try squeezing the compass instead. The initial appearance of compass is "".

Check squeezing the compass when the compass is unmolested and location is not Observatory Exterior: say "Nothing happens." instead. Instead of squeezing the compass when the compass is revealed or the compass is unmolested: say "You push down on either side of the compass with your thumb and fingers.[paragraph break]With a sharp 'snick,' [if compass is unmolested]a secret compartment on the back swings open, and a [else]the[end if] seven-pointed star on the back pops out, extruding a piece of wood of the same shape and about as long as the last joint of your thumb."; now the compass is extruded.

The star piece is part of the compass. It is privately-named. Understand "star/seven/pointed/seven-pointed/extrusion" or "star piece" as star piece when the compass is revealed or the compass is extruded. The description is "[if compass is revealed]The seven-pointed star seems to be etched into the back of the compass[else]The star has popped out of the body of the compass, forming a jagged cylinder[end if].". Check pushing star piece when compass is revealed: say "You push against the star, but nothing happens." instead. Check pushing star piece: now the compass is revealed; say "You push against the extrusion, feeling a spring resist you. Once you've pushed the star back to the surface of the compass, a tiny snick locks the spring in place again." instead. Check taking star piece: try pushing star piece instead.

Rule for printing the name of the compass while taking inventory: say "compass[if compass is revealed] (with a metal star on the back)[else if compass is extruded] (with an extruded metal star on the back)[end if]".