Blue Lacuna — 154 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Tidepools

Tidepools is a room. The prose name of Tidepools is "the tidepools".

The description of Tidepools is "[tidepoolsdesc].". To say tidepoolsdesc:

do the room description dance with Table of Tidepools Structure and Table of Tidepools Description.

Table of Tidepools Structure

dawn3429956997a numbera number

Table of Tidepools Description

1"A rocky point ends here with a cluster of small"
2"[if tidein]battered and churned by the relentless breaking of waves[end if][if tidein and raining] and rain[end if][if tideout and raining]broken into dancing mirrors by the rain[end if][if tideout and not raining]smooth mirrors of the [light-source] above[end if]"
3"Morning sunlight just touches this rocky point, strewn with tiny"
4" [o]pools[x], "
5"From here the whole lagoon stretches out before you, "
6"[a phrase about the mountain]"
7"[paragraph break][exits]"
8"from [distantcabin] in the center of the beach to the [o]mountain[x] and [o]volcano[x], looming over either end"
9"The sinking sun sets over this cluster of little"
10"Under the fading light are a handful of small"

To say distantcabin: if Center Beach is visited or Tidepools is visited, say "the [o]cabin[x]"; otherwise say "a small log [o]cabin[x]". The tp-cabin is a view with base room Hut. It is in Tidepools. It is far from Tidepools, Lower Beach, Ocean Waters, South Beach, North Beach, and Rise. Understand "log/cabin" as tp-cabin when location is Tidepools. The printed name is "distant cabin". The description is "About halfway around the curve of the bay, the cabin is built up flush against the old lava flow which forms the beach's natural back wall.".

The exits text of Tidepools is "Dry land snakes [if dir][northeast] [end if]back towards the cluster of [dr]boulders[x]. There is no safe place to enter the ocean from here".

Tp-stuff is stuff in TIdepools. Understand "point/hollow/bowl/foam" as Tp-stuff when location is TIdepools.

Check sleeping in Tidepools: say "It's too wet and rocky here.[sleepsuggest]" instead.

Some tide-pools are a setpiece in Tidepools with printed name "tidepools". Understand "tidepool" or "tidepools" or "tide pool" or "tide pools" or "pool" or "pools" or "series" or "mirror/mirrors" as some tide-pools. The description is "Clinging precariously to every hollow and bowl in the jumbled rock, the pools [if high tide]are churned into constant motion by the tide, their surfaces a mass of blue-white foam[otherwise if tidein]are rimmed with clumps of drying foam, their surfaces disturbed every few minutes by rogue waves[otherwise]are placid windows into a world of tiny darting [o]creatures[x] and surprising shades of color[end if].". The dream-text of tide-pools is "miniature snow-globes filled with tiny anemones and starfish". Instead of entering or swimming in tide-pools, say "The pools are so filled with strange creatures that you're half-afraid and half-reluctant to disturb their miniature world.".

Some tiny creatures are an undescribed animal in Tidepools. Understand "starfish" or "minnow" or "minnows" or "fingers" or "anemone" or "anemones" or "creature" as tiny creatures. The description is "[if night]In this darkness, you can't make out any detail[otherwise]Bright orange starfish, tiny pastel minnows, and bulbous fingers of purple and maroon sea anemones: each tidepool is like a tiny aquarium." Check taking tiny creatures: say "You pick up one of the orange starfish, and watch its thousands of tiny legs wiggle in peristaltic waves and contractions before carefully replacing him." instead.

The ambience table of Tidepools is the Table of Tidepools ambience.

Table of Tidepools ambience

freqstart timeend timetexttabletriggerflag
frequenthigh tide--"[one of]With a crash, a wave breaks against the jagged rocks of the point, spraying you with surf and sending foam swirling around your ankles[or]A wave breaks against the rocks, sending a surge of seawater past your feet[or]A wave smashes against the rocky point, sending a wall of spray airborne and half drenching you[or]A wall of water crashes into the rocky point, sending foamy waves surging through the tidepools[at random]."
common------Table of Tide ambience
commonmorningevening--Table of Seagull ambience

Report going northeast from Tidepools: say "You step carefully[if tidein] through the crashing surf[end if] back towards the beach[if a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds][time-of-day-bit],[end if] until you find yourself among the boulders again.". Check vague swimming when location is Tidepools: say "It's too rocky to safely enter the water from this point." instead.