Blue Lacuna — 152 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - North Beach

The prose name of North Beach is "the beach near the rise". North Beach is a room in Beachfront. The printed name of North Beach is "[if dir]North Beach[otherwise]Beach, Near the Rise[end if]". The description of North Beach is "[nbeachdesc].". To say nbeachdesc:

if longform begin; say "A huge piece of moss-covered driftwood seems to guard [if tidein]this narrow strip of sand at the end of the beach, between the waves and[otherwise]the end of the beach, dominated by[end if] a rocky rise of hardened black lava that thrusts out into the sea. [one of][A sentence about the lagoon], framed by the rustling of tropical [o]trees[x], their green fronds casting welcome shadows across the sand[or][A sentence about the konokuk trees][at random]";

otherwise if raining; say "Rain patters noisily on the old piece of driftwood, and runs in dribbles and curtains down the jagged side of the lava flow";

otherwise if afternoon and rained; say "The huge piece of driftwood is dark and dripping with moisture in the aftermath of the storm";

otherwise if night; say "The weird outlines of the driftwood, grown huge and monstrous in the tropical darkness, tell you you've reached [if former location is Rise]the beach[otherwise]the end of the beach[end if]";

otherwise if dawn or sunrise or morning; say "The curves and whorls of the driftwood are smoothed into painterly abstraction by the shadowless morning light";

otherwise; say "[one of][A sentence about the lagoon], while [if konokuk trees are named]the konokuk trees[otherwise]tropical trees[end if] rustle above your head[or][A sentence about the konokuk trees][at random]";

end if;

say ". [A sentence about the nearby beach].[paragraph break][exits]".

tsunami-pushed-vine is a truth state that varies.

The exits text of North Beach is "[if dir]To the east and north[otherwise]Opposite the lagoon[end if], [etnb2]". To say etnb2: if night, say "the sky is blotted out by rocky cliffs"; otherwise say "the beach is pinched off by black cliffs"; say ", but near [if tidein]the tide[otherwise]the high water mark[end if] [if Rise is unvisited]you can see a possible[otherwise]is the[end if] [etnb3]". To say etnb3: say "route [bw of Rise][if dir][northwest] [end if]to the top of the [dr]rise[x]. Sand stretches [bw of Center Beach][if dir][south][otherwise]back[end if] "; say "towards the [dr]center[x] of the beach, and you could also [approach ocean bit][etnb4]". To say etnb4: if withered vine is open, say ".[paragraph break]A loose vine hugs the steep slope up to the [dr]saddle[x][if dir] to the [east][end if], stretching up to the big [if tree1 is named]windsigh[otherwise]tree[end if] high above[if tsunami-pushed-vine is true][one of]. It must have been shaken loose from somewhere up above in the quake[or][stopping][end if]". Understand "saddle" as east when location is North Beach and withered vine is open.

Check going east in North Beach when withered vine is closed: say "The cliffs in that direction are impassable." instead.

A huge piece of moss covered driftwood is a perchable setpiece in North Beach. Understand "wood" or "drift wood" or "massive/piece/patch/patches" as driftwood. The description is "The massive piece of wood has been bleached clean and rubbed smooth by countless years in the sea, a giant, misshapen bone thrusting out of the sand. Patches of pale green moss cling to its underside.". First report touching driftwood: say "The wood is smoother than you expected, the bark long since rotted away leaving only hard white curves, bumps and imperfections only rounded echoes now." instead. Instead of pushing or taking driftwood, say "You heave against the edge of the driftwood, but it is firmly buried in the sand, and probably has been for years.". The dream-text of driftwood is "polished pieces of driftwood". Does the player mean entering the driftwood: it is likely. Check entering driftwood: say "You clamber atop the ancient driftwood and rest for a few moments[time-of-day-bit]. The sea-smoothed wood is like [if sunup]warm[otherwise]cool[end if] glass under your hands.[paragraph break]Finally, you climb back down to the beach." instead. Instead of entering withered vine when location is North Beach and withered vine is closed: try entering driftwood instead.

Some black lava cliffs are a setpiece in North Beach. Instead of entering or climbing black lava cliffs, try going east.

Report going from North Beach to Rise: say "You clamber easily over the ancient lava rock, worn smooth by pounding surf, till you stand on top." Report going from North Beach to Center Beach: say "You follow the gentle curve of the white sand beach back around till you near its center[if a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds][time-of-day-bit][end if]."