Blue Lacuna — 150 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - South Beach

The prose name of South Beach is "the beach near the boulders". Understand "beach" as northwest when location is Fork. South Beach is a room in Beachfront. The printed name of South Beach is "[if dir]South Beach[otherwise]Beach, Near the Path[end if]". The description of South Beach is "[southbeachdesc].". To say southbeachdesc:

say "[if longform]Stretching out before you is a breathtaking white sand [o]lagoon[x] framed by a cliff of jet-black lava, the glimmering beach forming a languid half-moon curve around a shallow bay of deep, rich blue. The smell of the sea breeze on your face makes you [one of]pause for a moment; it's been a long time since you've seen ocean[or]smile[stopping].[otherwise][A sentence about the nearby beach]. [A sentence about the lagoon].[end if][line break][exits]".

The exits text of South Beach is "[sbex1][approach ocean bit][sbex3]". To say sbex1: say "The beach curves gently [bw of Center Beach][if dir][north] [end if]around the lagoon, [if night]vanishing into [dr]darkness[x][otherwise]stretching towards the distant rocky [dr]rise[x][end if], while disappearing closer at hand [bw of Among the Boulders]into "; say "[if Among the Boulders is visited]the stand of[otherwise]a stand of rounded[end if] [dr]boulders[x][if dir] to the [southwest][end if]. You could also ". To say sbex3: say ", or follow a faint path [bw of Fork][if dir][southeast][otherwise][up][end if] into [if day]dense[otherwise]shadowy[end if] vegetation". Understand "rise" or "darkness" as north when location is South Beach.

To say approach ocean bit: if tidein and dir begin; say "head [bw of Ocean Waters][waytotide] into the waters of the lagoon"; otherwise if tidein and not dir; say "wade [bw of Ocean Waters][down] into the lagoon"; otherwise if tideout and dir; say "head [bw of Lower Beach][waytotide] down to where the waves are breaking"; otherwise; say "head [bw of Lower Beach][down] to where the waves are breaking"; end if. To say waytotide: say "[if location is South Beach][northwest][otherwise if location is Center Beach][west][otherwise if location is North Beach][southwest][end if]".

Some grassy mounds are a perchable setpiece in South Beach. Understand "grass" or "mound" as some grassy mounds. The description is "The tufts of grass, tentative toes of the forest, fringe its dark interior as they run in irregular clumps along the edge of the sand.". First report touching mounds: say "The blades of grass are pointy on top, but feel soft and springy as you run your hand through them." instead.

Report going from South Beach to Among the Boulders: say "You amble across the sand into rockier terrain[if a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds][time-of-day-bit][end if].". Report going from South Beach to Center Beach: say "You follow the sweeping curve of the beach about halfway around its edge[if a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds][time-of-day-bit][end if]." Report going from South Beach to Fork: say "You walk back up the path and return to the [if night]black interior[otherwise if dawn or morning or twilight or sunset]deep shadow[otherwise]shade[end if] of the forest[if Tsunami Sequence has ended], clambering over the soggy remnants of a mossy tree felled by the earthquake[end if]."