Blue Lacuna — 145 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - The Rain Forest

The rainforest is a seen view with base room Forest1. It is in East Island. It is near Rockslide. It is very near Hive Room, Crater Pond, Edge of Ravine, Egg Room, Backside. Understand "forest" or "rain forest" as the rainforest. The printed name is "rain forest". Check entering the rainforest when location is Hive Room: try going east instead. Check entering the rainforest when location is Crater Pond: try going north instead. Check entering the rainforest: say "The forest is so thick and dense here, you can't see a way to get inside." instead.

Check examining the rainforest:

if noun is very near location, say "The edges of the forest are only a few steps away." instead;

otherwise say "The forest looks nearly impenetrable, and fills this whole side of the island." instead.