Blue Lacuna — 143 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - The Ropeway

The distant-ropeway is a seen view with base room Chairlift Base. It is in Chairlift Base, Lawn, Stumps, West-Marsh, East Marsh, Rise, North Marsh, Ledge, Cliffside, Saddle, Atop, Rim of Volcano, Viewpoint, South Beach, Among the Boulders, Tidepools. It is very near Chairlift Base and Lawn. It is near Stumps and West-Marsh and East Marsh. It is far from Rise and North Marsh and Ledge and Cliffside. It is very far from Saddle and Atop and Rim of Volcano and Viewpoint and South Beach and Among the Boulders and Tidepools. Understand "ropeway" or "rope" or "ropes" or "cable" or "cables" or "pole" as distant-ropeway. The printed name of distant-ropeway is "ropeway". Instead of entering or climbing distant-ropeway, say "The distance is far too great for you to successfully climb the cables hand-over-hand.". Instead of touching or taking or pushing or pulling distant-ropeway when distant-ropeway is very near location: say "The ropes are solidly attached to the ropeway system.".

Check examining distant-ropeway:

if distant-ropeway is near location or distant-ropeway is very near location begin; say "The ropes rise from the base station in a double arc, first to a pole rising from a tall boulder in the marsh, then in a dizzying climb to the summit of the mountain[unless location is Lawn or location is Observatory Exterior] high above[end if]";

otherwise if distant-ropeway is far from location; say "The ropes rise from the base station on one corner of the island to near the top of the mountain across the marsh";

otherwise; say "The arc of the ropeway line is faintly visible descending from the top of the mountain";

end if;

say "." instead.