Blue Lacuna — 139 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Section - The Volcano

The volcano proper is a seen view. The base room is Rim of Volcano. The printed name is "volcano". The volcano proper is in Volcanic Uplands, Beachfront, Tidepools, Lower Beach, Ocean Waters, North Island, High Altitude, Saddle, Atop, Chasm Edge, and Crater Pond. The volcano proper is very near Volcano Slopes and Sloping Meadow and Chasm Edge and Rockslide and Crater Pond. The volcano proper is near Among the Boulders and Center Beach and Lower Beach. The volcano proper is far from North Beach and Tidepools and Rise and Ocean Waters. The volcano proper is very far from Chairlift Base and Ledge and Cliffside and Lawn and Observatory Exterior and Saddle and Atop.

Understand "slope/slopes" as volcano proper.

Check examining the volcano proper:

let volcano_pronoun be "[if we have examined the volcano]the[otherwise]a[end if]";

if volcano is very near location begin; say "The volcano looms above you, wisps of steam rising from above its lip, all the more dramatic as this entire side has crumbled away, blasted out in some epic past eruption, leaving a chasm running across the island towards the far end of the lagoon";

otherwise if volcano is near location; say "The top of [volcano_pronoun] reddish-brown volcano pokes up over the forested land [if location is in Beachfront and dir]to the southeast[otherwise if dir]to the south[otherwise]at its base[end if]";

otherwise if volcano is far from location; say "Rising gracefully over [if dir]the south[otherwise if location is not Rise]the far[otherwise]this[end if] end of the island, the reddish-brown slopes of [volcano_pronoun] volcano [if midday]bake hotly in the midday sun[otherwise if sunrise or morning]catch the rays of the morning sunlight[otherwise if sunset or evening]are painted by the dying sunlight[otherwise if night]blot out the stars[otherwise]shimmer in the distant heat haze[end if]. Faint wisps of steam rise from its hidden caldera. One whole side of the volcano seems to have crumbled in some past eruption, spewing forth the long black lava [o]flow[x] that bisects the island and forms the back wall of the lagoon";

otherwise; say "The distant volcano lords over the south end of the island, the black floor of the inner caldera visible through the crumbled gash in its side";

end if;

say "." instead.

First instead of climbing the volcano proper:

if location is Volcano Slopes:

try going southeast instead;

otherwise if location is Rim of Volcano:

say "The slope down the inside of the volcano is sheer and covered in loose rock; there's no way to climb down it." instead;


try following volcano proper instead.