Blue Lacuna — 119 of 467

Aaron A. Reed

Release 4

Chapter - Balcony

The-Tumble is a room in Homeworld. The printed name is "The Tumble, On the Balcony". The-Tumble is west of Your Bedroom. The description of The-Tumble is "[thetumbledesc].". To say thetumbledesc: say "The [o]balcony[x] overlooks the roomy interior of the lodge, running the length of one wall covered in [o]shelves[x]. Beneath your feet, the chattering [o]stream[x] that named this place emerges from its bed under the loft, tumbling down the exposed rock face to the main floor below.[paragraph break][exits].[paragraph break]Only the glow of the fire below is reflected in the black skylights slanting above you. It must still be very early[tutorial-saveundo]". The exits text of The-Tumble is "Stairs parallel the stream's journey [down] to the kitchen, and an open [d]doorway[x] leads back into the dark interior of the loft". Understand "loft" or "doorway" or "bedroom" as east when location is The-Tumble. The prose name of The-Tumble is "the balcony". Understand "kitchen" as down when location is The-Tumble.

Tumble-stuff is stuff in The-Tumble. Understand "roomy/interior/lodge/length" as Tumble-stuff when location is The-Tumble.

Some tumble-shelves are a undescribed supporter in The-Tumble. Understand "shelf/shelves" as tumble-shelves. The printed name is "shelves". The description is "The shelves are still mostly empty, waiting to creak under the weight of years of occupation: a few [o]books[x], some rocks and pine cones and other [o]trinkets[x] of nature[if oil lamp is on tumble-shelves]. An oil [o]lamp[x] rests on one corner[end if][tutorial-moredetails].". Instead of climbing or entering tumble-shelves: say "They wouldn't hold your weight." instead. Check taking tumble-shelves: say "Nailed with firm and sturdy supports to the wall." instead.

Some tumble-books are a prop on tumble-shelves. The printed name is "books". Understand "book/books" as tumble-books. The description is "A few leather-bound journals; smudgy reprints of distant travelers['] tales; fraying tomes with peeling binding on trapper medicine, wilderness cooking, alpine survival.". Instead of reading or opening tumble-books, say "You've spent long hours curled by the fire exploring these volumes, most of which have haunted this old shelf since long before you came here. But now, you're too keyed up to read.". Check touching tumble-books: say "Some have fine leather bindings, but most are cheap and shoddy, rough cardboard covers and itchy twine harsh under your fingertips." instead. Check taking tumble-books: say "You pick up one worn volume, a grey and practical manual on canning preserves and salting meat for winter, and trace your fingers across its age-stained surface. But your mind is too filled with images to focus on words. You return the book to its shelf." instead. Check smelling tumble-books: say "You flip through one yellowing volume, holding it close to your face, and the musty smell of aging paper wafts out at you." instead.

Some trinkets are a prop on tumble-shelves. Understand "pine/cones/cone/rock/rocks" as trinkets. The description is "You toy delicately with the pine cones, smooth or strange stones, and shells or fossils that Rume has brought back from [if Rume is female]her[else]his[end if] wanderings, till your fingers touch one fractured half of a small crude statue, thumb-sized, idols of an ancient people that often turn up near riverbeds and caves here.[paragraph break]Fractured. You remember Rume smashing it against the ground, face twisted in anger. Your first real argument, and so soon. So soon. Maybe you made a mistake in staying. Or [if Rume is female]s[end if]he did.". Check touching trinkets: say "You touch your fingers gently to a delicate pine cone. You and Rume both remember through touch, and as you close your eyes you walk again through the forest outside the thick walls of the Tumble." instead. Check taking trinkets: say "They belong here. And none are made by your hand, so none will go with you, when you leave." instead.

The oil lamp is a portable undescribed prop on the tumble-shelves. Understand "lantern/flame/wick/hood/base/brass/weave/simple/glass" as oil lamp. The description is "The civilization of this alpine world is simpler than some, but graceful elegance permeates the people here, grace you find somehow comforting. This simple lamp is a perfect example, in the dignified curves of its glass hood, the polished sheen of the brass base, even the delicate weave of its wick.". First report taking the oil lamp: say "You pick up the [if lamp is unlit]unlit[otherwise]lit[end if] lamp gently[tutorial-taking]." instead. Instead of touching oil lamp, say "The smooth brass is [if lamp is unlit]cold[otherwise]warm[end if] to the touch, the glass smooth and clean.". Instead of burning the oil lamp: try switching on the oil lamp. Check dropping oil lamp when location is not The-Tumble: say "There isn't a good spot to put it down here." instead. First report dropping the oil lamp: if location is The-Tumble, move oil lamp to tumble-shelves; say "You set it back down on the shelf." instead. Understand "light [the oil lamp]" or "strike [oil lamp]" as switching on. Understand "douse [oil lamp]" or "put out [oil lamp]" as switching off. Instead of switching off oil lamp: say "[if lamp is lit]You douse the flame and the lamplight dies[otherwise]The lamp is not lit[end if]."; now oil lamp is unlit. Instead of switching on oil lamp when matches are not enclosed by location: say "You'll need matches to do that." Instead of switching on oil lamp: say "[if lamp is unlit]You strike a match and light the lamp's wick from the tall yellow flame. Soon the lamp emits a ghost-pale light[otherwise]The lamp is already lit[end if]."; now oil lamp is lit. Instead of attacking oil lamp: remove oil lamp from play; move smashed-lamp to location; say "In sudden rage, you smash the lamp against the ground, watching its delicate glass splinter and crumble, smelling the oil within as it seeps into the floorboards. What use is delicacy, workmanship, reliability to you? Each time you wayfare you must begin again. Always[tutorial-consequences].". The smashed-lamp is a minor setpiece with printed name "smashed lamp". Understand "lamp/smashed/glass/oil/lantern/wreckage" as smashed-lamp when smashed-lamp is on-stage. The description of smashed-lamp is "Only wreckage now, useless.".

The stream is an undescribed backdrop. It is in The-Tumble, Kitchen and Homeworld-Studio. Understand "water" or "tumbling" or "chattering" or "oddity" or "mountains" as stream. The description is "The lodge is built around the stream, its centerpiece and soul, so much so that the old trapper who left it to you named the place the Tumble[if location is The-Tumble]. The ice-cold mountain water flows beneath the loft, then dances its way down the exposed natural rock face separating the upper level from the lower. It pools in a rock pond at the base of the stairs, then flows through a sculpted streambed that bisects the great boards of the main floor. Near the front door it escapes through a drain to continue its journey down the mountain outside your walls[otherwise]. The mountain stream pools near the base of the stairs, then ambles across the floor of the lodge, neatly dividing the studio from the kitchen. Two flattened stones cross over it before it disappears into a bed of loose rock and continues on its way down the mountain[end if].". Instead of touching the stream, say "The water comes from the high plateaus and glacier-carved cirques of the mountains above you, only a trickle this late in the season. You dip your hand into it for a moment and relish its pure, fresh bite, an icy knife of silk." Instead of tasting or taking the stream, say "You cup your hands and scoop up a few mouthfuls of the ice cold mountain water. Shockingly pure cold and clarity runs down your throat to your core, and you feel more awake." Instead of swimming in stream, say "The small pool at the base of the stairs is good for washing up or soaking your feet, but too small for swimming." Understand "wash in stream" or "wash up" or "wash hands" or "wash" or "wash me" or "soak feet" or "soak feet in pool" or "soak feet in stream" or "wash feet" as a mistake ("You wash quickly in the knife-cold water. In a few minutes you are cleaner and more awake.") when location is The-Tumble or location is Homeworld-Studio or location is Kitchen. Understand "soak feet" or "soak feet in pool" as a mistake ("You sit by the side of the stream, dangling your feet in the icy water for a few minutes, but the cold and the growing urge of the Call soon grow too strong to resist.") when location is The-Tumble or location is Homeworld-Studio or location is Kitchen. Instead of crossing or leaping stream when location is Kitchen: try going north. Instead of crossing or leaping stream when location is Homeworld-Studio: try going south. Instead of crossing or leaping stream when location is The-Tumble: say "The stream passes underneath the balcony; you'll have to go [d]down[x] the stairs before you can cross it.".

Instead of jumping when location is The-Tumble, say "Taking the [o]stairs[x] might be an easier way [d]down[x].". Instead of taking the homeworld-stairs, try entering homeworld-stairs.

Instead of entering stream: try swimming in stream.

Instead of jumping when location is Homeworld-Studio or location is Kitchen, try entering stream.

The skylights are an undescribed backdrop. They are in The-Tumble, Homeworld-Studio, and Kitchen. Understand "window" or "windows" or "skylight" or "long" or "slanted" as skylights. The description is "During the day these long, slanted skylights let in sun and beautiful views of pines, mountains, and the long slope down to the valley below. Now only darkness sleeps behind their frosted surface.". Instead of touching or pushing or opening the skylights, say "You cannot reach them."

The balcony is an undescribed backdrop. It is in The-Tumble and Homeworld-Studio. The description is "The balcony runs above and alongside the studio and kitchen, an extension of the loft and separated from it by a simple partition. A wooden railing guards the drop, topped by lacquered branches, gnarled and ancient, and the stairs follow the stream [down] to the ground floor below.".

The wooden railing is an undescribed backdrop. It is in The-Tumble and Homeworld-Studio. Understand "lacquered" or "branches" or "branch" or "gnarled" or "ancient" as railing. The description is "Simple but sturdy.".

The homeworld-stairs are an undescribed backdrop. Understand "flight" or "wooden" or "stair" or "stairs" or "staircase" as homeworld-stairs. They are in The-Tumble and Kitchen. The printed name is "stairs". The description is "The flight of broad wooden stairs curves gently then straightens again as it descends, echoing the natural twist of the exposed rock alongside.". Instead of entering or using or taking or climbing homeworld-stairs: if location is The-Tumble, try going down; otherwise try going up. Instead of touching homeworld-stairs, say "Your feet and Rume's are just the most recent to have further worn the subtle smoothness near the center of each stair."