Blue Lacuna for Macs
10.5 Leopard or better req'd
5.0 MB zip file

Blue Lacuna for Windows
XP or better req'd
2.7 MB zip file

Blue Lacuna Story File only
For Linux or other platforms
2.1 MB zip file

Additional Bonus Material
Documenting a three-year journey

The Mac release contains Spatterlight by Tor Andersson. The Windows release contains Git by Iain Merrick. Both programs are the property of their respected owners. Blue Lacuna is written in Inform 7 by Graham Nelson, and is released under a Creative Commons license.

Now Available on!

Blue Lacuna is available as a free download for Mac or Windows. To install, simply download the appropriate file, uncompress it by double-clicking, and open the readme.txt file to see the one-line startup instructions for your platform.

For Linux or advanced users, the game is also available as a standalone gblorb file. You'll need a Glulx interpreter for your platform. Please note that some older interpreters are not supported.

Instructions and a tutorial are available within Blue Lacuna once you begin.

The most recent release is Release 4 (July 2010). View the end of the readme file for a change log.